RMS W3EOC Information


W3EOC Emcomm Radio Mail Server (RMS or formerly, PMBO) is the Mid-Atlantic regional radio mail server, and is designed to serve the 400-mile region around Chester County, Pennsylvania. It is operated by Chester County ARES/RACES and is owned and supported by the Chester County Department of Emergency Services. Its primary function is to provide Chester County emergency and public service agencies with backup emergency radio e-mail. This system also is available on the experimental W3EOC Broadband RF Network which uses D-Star and 802.11x and other wireless technologies at 900 MHz, 1.2, 2.4, and 5.8 GHz.


  • Users must be FCC licensed Amateur Radio Operators.
  • Limited keyboard commands are supported by WL2K for very simple terminals.
  • To get the benefits of true e-mail-like usability we recommend that you access the system using use Airmail, (available free at www.airmail2000.com) or Paclink (at http://www.winlink.org/ClientSoftware). Complete information on the Winlink 2000 network is at http://www.winlink.org.
  • The system supports user ASCII-only TNCs and keyboard connections with reduced functionality (no attachments).

System Features

  • Radio and Internet mail with multiple recipients.
  • Message attachments allowing binary file transmission.
  • On-demand downloads of bulletins including help, info, marine and land weather, radar, and satellite photo bulletins.
  • Message mirroring for mobile stations at accessing from multiple MBOs.
  • Internet forwarding of inter-WL2K MBO traffic
  • Standard FBB interface (Radio or Telnet) to other non-WL2K MBOs.
  • Position reporting using radio, Internet and WWW APRS server.
  • User-set attachment limits, status, spam filter and auto forwarding to Internet.
  • User access to mail from the web.

HF Access (Pactor 1,2,3)

  • The system scans 24/7 using a single Icom IC-706 MKIIg transceiver.
  • Tuned horizontal loop antenna at 40 feet.
  • Pactor 1 & 2 protocol is accepted on 3590.0, 7066.9 MHz
  • Pactor 3 only is accepted on 7103.7, 10145.7, and 14108.9 MHz
  • All HF frequencies are center (midway between Mark and Space).
  • Pactor III is USB only, 2.2 KHz bandwidth.

VHF Access

  • GE Delta 100W, SCS PTC II Pro with DSP packet module, 6dB 2M vertical at 150 feet AGL.
  • 145.510 MHz, 1200 baud AX.25 packet.

D-Star Access

  • Icom ID-1 digital transceiver, Comet GP-21 vertical omni at 170 feet AGL, 128Kbs TCP/IP.

TELNET Server Access Information

  • [AirMail] 3.x settings and Paclink settings to access W3EOC telnet Server:
  • Remote Callsign: W3EOC
  • Remote Host: w3eoc.no-ip.org (NOTE: no "@' sign in this domain name)
  • Port: 12001
  • Timeout: 30
  • Local call sign: (your normal WL2K call)
  • Password: CMSCLIENT (all caps)
  • Protocol: B2F (WL2K)

RMS Packet Gateways

You are encouraged to set up and support additional redundant 24/7 RMS Packet gateways with -10 SSIDs. You are also welcome to use w3eoc.no-ip.org as the primary telnet host. Secondary and tertiary hosts should be widely separated and located well away from your local area for reliable internet redundancy. The frequency you choose should be coordinated with W3QA@arrl.net.

RMS Computer

  • Dedicated dual-core processor with 2GB Ram, 120GB hard disk, UPS
  • Full time IP connection
  • Daily backup of system database at 23:30 UTC

Contact the sysop (W3QA) for more information.