D-Star ID-1 Digital Data Operator Training

Level 1

Steve Ahlbom, W3AHL

Table of Contents

1. What is D-Star? 3
2. Introduction to the Icom ID-1 D-Star radio features. 7
3. CCAR D-Star repeater system overview. 10
4. Configuring an ID-1. 10
5. TCP/IP Networking basics – IP, netmask, gateway, DNS. 11
6. Configuring your computer to access the D-Star DD network 12
7. Basic Network Troubleshooting 13
8. Classroom / Field exercise – configure a computer and ID-1 14
9. 1.2 GHz Antennas 15
10. Remote wireless connection to an ID-1 (EOC to car) 16
11. Network bandwidth – making sure your computer isn’t a hog. 17
12. References – web sites, books, useful info 17
Appendix A – TCP/IP Network Basics 18

Objective: Covers basic configuration of an Icom ID-1 1.2GHz D-Star digital radio and the computer network connection to transfer e-mail messages. Does NOT include using the D-Star Gateway for voice or any digital voice features.

Prerequisites: Familiarity with Internet e-mail messaging. Technician amateur radio license or higher. Access to CCAR portable digital Winlink station and Icom ID-1 1.2 GHz D-Star transceiver or equivalent for the classroom exercises.

Time: 1 hour

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