Consider joining the PA NBEMS HF digital net


Group Description
Supporting the Pa NBEMS net for Pennsylvania and surrounding states.

PA NBEMS digital net on 80m at 3583 kHz at 0800 hr Sundays

This is an open net for the purpose of training and practicing running and participating in similar nets. NBEMS stands for Narrow Band Emergency Messaging System and is used primarily for emergency communications and passing traffic on the Amateur Radio frequencies. The primarily software used for NBEMS is Fldigi. All Amateur Radio operators are invited to subscribe to this group and to participate in the Pa NBEMS Net. Any questions or comments may be sent to ny3j at

This net meets every Sunday at 0800 hr on a vfo dial frequency of 3583.0 kHz.
We moved the net to 0800 hr from the old net on fickle forty meters at 1100 hr local time.
By moving the net to 80m and moving the net to an earlier hour, we have eliminated the "fickle forty meters" skip zone of propagation (the famous 100 mile donut hole)l

The four net control operators are
Ron NY3J Bensalem, Barry K3EUI West Chester, Frank N3FLL West Chester, and WT WN3LIF Luzerne County
We are still looking for additional net control operators from Central or Western Pa

The net usually has 20-30 checkins from Pa, NY, NJ, CT, MA, VA and sometimes when the band is still open, from North Carolina and Ohio and Canada.
We practice sending FLMSG and FLAMP messages including casual comments, announcements, and samples of EMCOM messages including weather reports and daily shelter reports.

All are welcome to check in.
TU and hope to see you on the waterfall.

July 2018

Thanks for being part of CCAR and serving your community through amateur radio!