Upcoming tech rally - Saturday, October 13 at 0830

Good day all CCAR members. What beautiful fall weather!

It has been a couple of weeks since we executed the September tech rally for testing communications to the County municipalities, and the remaining testing is yet to be completed in this month's tech rally. I wanted to share with you some of the results of what has been tested.

We had an incredibly successfully participation in September, and managed to complete initial testing in 59 municipalities! A big thank you to all who helped out...that is phenomenal! That leaves us with only 15 municipalities to test in this month's tech rally.

Repeater communications was great at all locations, and there was a surprising amount of successful contacts on VHF simplex. UHF simplex, as expected, was much more difficult farther out.

We had quite a pileup and lots of confusion in trying to coordinate the simplex testing. We have reviewed what was good and bad, and have refined out methodology for the remaining testing this month. Many thanks go out to Barry - K3EUI, and Joe - K3JV, for their tireless efforts for the September testing, and also for their inputs for making it better for October.

First, here are the remaining municipalities that we need people to go out and test during this month's tech rally on Saturday - October 13th.

- Birmingham Township EOC
- East Nantmeal Township EOC
- Kennett Square Borough EOC
- Kennett Township EOC
- Pennsbury Township EOC
- Phoenixville Borough EOC
- Pocopson Township EOC
- Schuylkill Township EOC
- Thornbury Township EOC
- Upper Uwchlan Township EOC
- Wallace Township EOC
- West Chester Borough EOC
- West Fallowfield Township EOC
- West Marlborough Township EOC
- West Nottingham Township EOC

Remember, you do not have to be in the actual municipal EOC building...just outside in the parking lot.

We will start at 0830, and will finish when all remaining municipalities are tested. I expect this to only take a couple of hours, at most. Please refer to the original document that was emailed, and is also available on the CCAR website, for what equipment to use.

- Please check in starting at 0830 via the CCAR UHF linked repeater system. Net control will be K3JV - Joe, using his call.
- You will be asked to provide your call, name, and municipality location.
- Your call/location will then be placed into the queue. On instruction from K3JV, you will be informed when to listen on simplex. You will be called on the VHF simplex frequency - 146.535 MHz. - by Barry, using the CCAR callsign - W3EOC. Please listen for your call. If you hear your call from W3EOC, please respond on that VHF simplex frequency - 146.535 MHz. If you do not hear your call within a minute, please go back to the repeater and report back in with a no-copy on VHF simplex. Success, and not, will be logged at the net control location. If you are successful in establishing communication on VHF simplex, you will exchange signal reports and you will then be asked to QSY to the UHF simplex - 446.000 MHz. You will then exchange signal reports on UHF, if you successfully communicate. If you cannot hear net control on UHF simplex after a minute, please QSY back to the repeater and again report your non-copy. When complete, successfully or not on simplex, please return to the UHF repeater and inform K3JV you have finished that location and can move on.
- K3JV will then call upon the next station in the queue to move to simplex to try to establish contact. There should only be one station at a time attempting to communicate with W3EOC on simplex.

***Very important*** - we had some packet bursts appearing on the VHF simplex frequency during September's testing. Some station(s) might have had their tracker beaconing turned on, and when the frequency was changed to 146.535 MHz., the tracker beaconed on that frequency. So, please be sure to turn off your tracker on VHF when you are participating in this testing. Everyone will appreciate it.

It would be really great if we got a lot of participants again this month to help out in the testing. As before, please email me directly - Jim.harris1@verizon.net - with your plans for what municipalities (or municipality) you would like to test at. We don't have a problem if more than one operator wants to go the same place. The more data, the better picture we get. I will then provide the information to the net control operators so they can plan the spreadsheet we use for logging.

Once again, thank you for your help and participation with this very useful event. Hope to hear you on the air!

Jim - WA3NOA