Chester County Hospital Challenge for Cancer Bicycle Tour - Need operators! - June 23

To all CCAR members.

It is time for the annual Chester County Hospital Challenge for Cancer Bike Tour. This is an event that CCAR has been supporting for many years. We are an integral, and critical, part of this event. We provide communications for emergencies, logistics, repair support, etc.

This event requires us to provide 12+ operators to fully support our mission. Operators are needed to ride along in the support trucks/vans, as well as provide communications at the event start, and two rest stops.

The event is held on Sunday - June 23. Depending upon the assignment, report time is anywhere from 0700 to 0815. The event usually wraps up by 1430. There is plenty of food and fun available at the event starting location, after your station shuts down. Of course, there are always the free staff t-shirts.

Please consider volunteering today for this important event. I will try to place anyone at a desired position, if you want to request it. Again, the options are for: Vehicle support, rest stop support, event home base support.

Please email me directly at:

with your desire to help out, along with (optional) any requested position.

I would like to get the operators signed up as soon as possible, so I can work out all of the logistics, as well as provide confirmation to the event coordinators that we are fully staffed and ready to help out. So, be sure to sign up soon!

If you are interested in the event website, here is the link:

I have also created a Google map showing the fixed locations that are manned by operators:

The Chester County Community really appreciates all that you do!

Thank you,

Jim - WA3NOA